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? Do You Suffer From A Seasonal Productivity Dip? Here’s How To Fix It

Perhaps you can relate: you have your task list, you have your pomodoro timer, and you know exactly what you need to do. Then you look outside and see how grey and cold it is (as it has been for weeks). You don’t have the energy and can’t get into the mental space to do what you need to do.

Read full article ⟩⟩ from Brooks Duncan

? 7 Little Changes that Will Make a Big Difference with Your Mood

If you are plagued by anxiety, or even depression, or any other life-sucking current, your moods are not great… just to state the obvious.

I was just like that until a few years ago. Drowning in bad moods and unable to shake them off.

Read full article ⟩⟩ from Christine Ellis

? The High Cost of Overwork (podcast)

Most people try to get more done by working more hours. Despite working longer days, we get less done. As our level of investment rises, productivity plummets. Until finally, we experience burnout. In this episode, we’re going to talk about productivity, and we’ll expose the fallacy that you can accomplish more by simply working harder.

Listen ⟩⟩ from Michael Hyatt

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