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No worries! This will put you up to speed.

Even though I’m trying to make the app as simple as possible, the number of functions can be overwhelming for someone.

Take this as your quickstart guide. This article describes the main menu of the app.

I will try to describe the top menu from left ➡ right:

Time tracking
? Pomodoro timer – use if you need to finish few big tasks per day (more about the Pomodoro technique here)
⏰ Classic timer – use if you need to finish multiple smaller tasks (< 1h) per day


Tasks ✅
This is basically organized checklist.
Every new todo will be added to Inbox and categorized based on:
– Due date
– Star
– Recurrence
– Project, client and tag(s)


Tools ?
Dashboard – quick summary of your last week/month
Timesheet – Advanced filter for all of your completed time entries (from the Timer(s), not todos)
Reports – The same thing as the history, but with some really nice graphs, plots and pictures
Saved – Saved reports & timesheets
Darken – Switches between night/day mode


Manage ?
Projects, clients and tags – you can assign every one of them to time entries or todos.
It will help you categorize your time entries and todos better.
You can also filter using them.

One client can have multiple projects, so the structure should be:
– Client X
– Project A
– Project B
– Client Y
– Project C
However, this is not a rule.

Also, one time entry/todo can have assigned: 0-1 project, 0-1 client, 0-infinity tags.

Import, Export – Here you can set up exporting your time entries to other systems (Trello, Toggl)

If you still have questions, just drop me a line.